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About us

Located at 2500 feet above sea level, Toranmachi is in the vicinity of ‘Madhe Ghat’ & famous forts like ‘Torna’ and ‘Rajgad’. It is around 70 km. from Pune and can be reached within two and half hours of travel.

The rains here are something else. You can witness waterfalls nearby, walk through the clouds, enjoy in the water streams in monsoon.

If you are an ardent bird lover, you will be delighted to see the rare ‘Whisting Mulbar’ thrushes, ‘Paradise Fly Catcher' along with eye catching peacocks that frolic around here.

Another attraction is the beauty of ‘Fireflies’ in summer. If you are lucky, you might be able to see animals like deers, boars, rabbit, porcupine etc.

During the clear skies star gazers can get their binoculars to see the beauty of the stars, constellations & milky way.

Do you  remember when you last spent time doing this? Must be perhaps when you were a kid. It's time to bring out that kid again.

Small treks can be arranged to nearby places & forts Torna and Rajgad. Some of you have been good trekkers, so it is a right platform to infuse the spirit of nature, and trekking into your kids.

So… what are you waiting for?
Pure air, rains, waterfalls, paddy fields, rainforests are calling you.

Just pack your bags, meet at ‘Toranmachi’ with your near & dear ones and head-on for a well-deserved weekend break away from day to day hustles, traffic, pollution, stress &  rejuvenate your body, mind & soul.

We ensure that you get connected to nature without any WiFi or mobile connection.
Our one day and stay packages include mouth-watering breakfast, lunch & dinner with barbeque.

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